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The Labonair Wolf Pack, referred to by the Vampires as the 'Mutts of the Bayou' is a pack of evolved werewolves native to New Orleans and its surrounding area, the Bayou. The Labonair pack is comprised of several werewolf bloodlines. The most notable, the Johansen and Labonair families, are considered members of a werewolf royalty.

Fifty years ago the current Labonair Alpha of the time, Curtis Labonair had his pack stand up in defiance and attempted to overthrow and destroy the Belle Morte clan of vampires that rules New Orleans. After nearly a month of bloody warfare nearly the entire Labonair line was cleansed from the earth only a few surviving. The pack managed to survive but only just, its numbers severely weakened. Despite the losses of the Belle Morte, their numbers where to many and the wolves were forced to surrender. A treaty was signed and the Master of the City granted the pack control of the territory of Algiers in New Orleans. She said it was her mercy alone that allowed them to live, and if they ever rose up against her clan again, she would wipe them off the face of the earth. This would be..there final warning. 

The Labonair pack is now ruled by the current Labonair Alpha and his mate. The pack controls Algiers controlling most of the businesses there and offering protection. The Labonair pack also owns the House of the Rising Sun, a large brothel and bar that caters only to those in the know. Vampires do not enter Algiers easily. The treaty between the two groups is weak at best, and a single spark could set off the next race war between them. 

The Werewolves of New Orleans hate the vampires that rule over them. At this time the Labonair pack kneels to the Belle Morte Clan of Vampires, so peace lasts. However, any wolves not bearing the mark of the pack, or found in Vampire territory...well...The Belle Morte clan's trophy room always needs a new pelt or...ten.

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