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belle morte bloodline

The Belle Morte Bloodline is the reigning vampire bloodline within New Orleans. Members of the Bloodline tend to be selected for their physical appearance (attractive). They are always known to possess a skill called ardeur.

Ardeur allows a vampire to metaphysically feed on emotions the way a vampire would on blood. These emotions can range from fear, to passion, to sadness. The most basic usage of the Ardeur inspires sexual lust in both the user and the victim. Those under its power feel an intense desire to mate with the user of the Ardeur, or the closest person they can find. Ardeur is extremely addictive.

The Ardeur itself has a primitive need to be fed. If that need is not met, then it forces the user to feed it through any means necessary. If the user refuses, then they could be weakened to the brink of death.

Only a small handful of Belle Morte Vampires within New Orleans have the ability to use the Ardeur. 

Other abilities of the bloodline include the following:

  • Immortality

  • Superhuman Strength

  • Animal to Call - Preferably large cats.

  • Empathetic Voice Manipulation - Characterized as a tool of seduction.

  • Mental Abilities

    • Can make mental contact with all new members of her bloodline, though the ability can be opened and closed later on.

    • Enter the minds of vampires not of her bloodline, inspiring an intense rage.

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