Keep in mind that within the Bon Temps Rouler story we value writing above all. It will be a rare instance that we use the dice combat rules listed below, but for the sake of those who would like to utilize a dice mechanic or for events that may call for them we have determined to create a system specifically designed for BTR. This is a very simplistic system.

All characters will have the same dice depending on their dice in the world. There will be items granted by bounties and events that may increase these base statistics. 

Everyone begins with fifteen [ 15 ] hit points to begin their character.

Dice are awarded based on the following table.

During combat, you will roll your rank dice. This will determine if you hit your foe or miss. If you do hit, your damage will be calculated based on your roll. 


The Vampire Lady Monre

!roll 1d20

[d20 : 15] In the end, the result was: 15

The Vampire Lady Monroe rolled her 1d20 dice and her result was 15. According to the hit char below, this was a hit and it was worth two [ 2 ] damage toward her foe. In this example, Lady Monroe did not have anything to bolster her dice, so this was her final result.

The same works when the badguy gets a turn. 


NPC Badguy

!roll 1d12

[d12 : 11] In the end, the result was: 11

The thief that Lady Monroe and her friends were chasing has turned and stabbed at Lady Monroe. Per the dice chart, he has also landed a hit and she has taken one [ 1 ] damage. The bad guy is a minor baddie, so he doesn't have any cool weapons or bonus' so this is his final result.

But you said we got cool items?

 Through out the game and as it progresses items will come in to play. THEY WILL BE EXTREMELY RARE! But your character may just be the lucky one to run across it! They can also be reward for frequency of play as well. These items are called Dark Objects!! These are magical items created to boost the power of supernaturals. If you acquire one, hold on to it, as they can be the difference between life and death. 

Example:: Dylan Cromwell Obtained a Dark Object!! He gains *Cromwell Book of Shadows* Increasing his spell power permanently by three, now any damage he deals to a enemy target is increased by 3 damage. 

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