Humans have been fascinated by supernatural of the world for thousands of years. For centuries that fascination was great, and lead to a reverence of all that called the night home. However, eventually a time came when religion bloomed so heavily that it became the end all be all of large swathes of humanity. From this religion arose faith and a hatred of anything it condemned. Those once revered supernatural beings then became pillars of sin, and the unholy. Werewolves where hunted down with bullets of silver, witches where burned at the stake, and vampires where staked in their sleep. Humans rose up and nearly wiped the supernatural from the earth. Well, at least to their knowledge. But so many survived over the centuries and their numbers grew. Ever since humans began to hunt them, humanity became the predator hunting families rose to prominence and have since kept safe guard over humanity. The number of supernatural beings that fell to their weapons is staggering. The hunting families of the world have carved a bloody swathe through the centuries. One just as bloody as the vampires, werewolves, demons, and witches that they hunted.

However that all changed nearly a century ago. In the year of 1920 someone new arrived in Louisiana. One of the eldest vampires to walk the earth traveled their from her ancient lands in Romania. Her and her nest arrived late in the year of 1920, and by 1931 she had brought the French Quarter, and all of New Orleans to heel. First she laid low the Chastel hunting family. The large hunter family of French origin that had protected New Orleans since it had been colonized. Of course with the supernatural now free to run amok, the Witches and Werewolves rose in power once again, demons began to make their way back into the city. War...erupted in New Orleans and many lives were lost over the three year conflict for power. Eventually the Vampires...won. With the other great races kneeling to her the new Master of the City took her throne.

A hundred years later and the Master of the city still rules New Orleans. Over the the last century any attempt at rebellion or the breaking of her rules had simply lead to death. The six great factions still exist in the city, each having their own territory granted to them by the Master of the city. The peace is kept by her and her nest of vampiric followers. Besides the vampires, the hunter still exist, led by the pitiful remains of the Chastel family. The Witches, Werewolves, an Demons each still control their own people and territory ,but in the end they all answer to the Master of the City.


However, over the last fifty years dissent has grown rabid, and several have stood up to the Master of the City, refusing to follow her laws and decrees. The previous Alpha line of the local werewolf pack rose up against her twenty five years ago and the Labonair family was wiped off the face of the earth. After that a group of elder witches nearly succeeded in ending her life, well until her nest came to her rescue and slayed the lot of them. Hatred for the vampires, and for each other, has the factions ready once more for war, but when the battle lines are drawn...where will you stand?

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